Dailė ir menas

Art music literature.

What is art? It is the way to speak about your feelings or impressions s when you can not find simple words to say it When our daily language is not enough to say most subtitle and deep feelings, we can say it by colors , sounds, new shapes, mimic, gestures , smells , rhythm , or unusual constructions of words. People, who may manipulate these things better than others are called artists, and those, who are the best in one of areas are called genius. All the people more or less are artists, creators, but they just copy the things that are already created. Usually people are consumers of art. So do i.
People may be very different by nature that is why we have so many kinds of art: one may better understand the art of sounds, other may better understand art of forms and the next one may be more sensible to the art of words. That is why ones like music and others moor like paintings, films or dancing. When the artists feelings or expressions are very different from ours, we may hardly understand the work of art or it may seem boring, bet when our feeling at moment are similar to artist‘s feelings, we may like and understand the work of art intuitively. Isn’t it in retesting?
Different cultures and ages have its own fashion of art, music, literature. For example baroque is very pompastic, decorative, has many luxurious elements, royal colors. Classicism is very similar to antique, is simpler, but strict all these things are felt in all the sorts of art: music, paintings, architecture and so on. Nowadays everything is in fashion! All the elements from all cultures or ages are suitable. It is many things to choose from.
I am not expert in art; i don’t like reading books, going to exhibitions or theaters. It looks boring for me; i could even have a good sleep during the performance. But i like music very much. I cannot imagine my life without it: i listen to the music by the way to work while having rest even i like to sleep by the music. The most i like is hard rock – acdc, nirvana, sometimes i like listen rap, sometimes pop, sometimes i like meditation music, sometimes classic. I think all the kinds of music may be good in suitable mood .Even if i don’t create music, by listening i can run out. When i drive alone, and nobody hears i like singing aloud! It is fun. Also i like cinema my favorite films are. May be one day i shall be interested in other kinds of art.

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