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Bankų sistemos Lietuvoje raida, dabartinė situacija ir perspektyvos

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Pilietiškumo ugdymas Veronika Ulevičienė

Pilietiškumo ugdymas pradinėse klasėse panaudojant savivaldos elementus

Today our nation is free as there has been independent state restored. Lithuania needs a man who is able to develop freely and use the freedom, as well as honest, well prepared, and who has solid consciousness. Therefore, the primary education process aims to collect student’s practical experience in the family, classroom, at school, in the community, the knowledge of the self, moral attitude and put it all into the student’s consciousness. It is particularly important that this totality become an assumption for a democratic outlook of the world, lifestyle and personal outlook, and most importantly is to create an inner need to act on the basis of democratic view of the world. skaityti daugiau..

Vakarų Europos medicininių atliekų tvarkymas

University of Edinburgh Estates & Buildings
Waste Management & Recycling Report 2007

1. Headline Results for 2006-07
a. New recycling system introduced A much enhanced Recycling & Waste Management service was introduced in to the University at the end of the 2006-07 academic year. The main difference is that the contractor, Shanks, now take all General Waste from offices, etc to their Materials Recovery Facility at Broxburn instead of straight to landfill. A mechanical / manual separation process enables their staff to separate out paper, cans, bottles etc from our waste stream. Shanks can then sell these materials to offset extra cost of labour etc, enabling them to recycle more at no extra charge to us. skaityti daugiau..

Deputy Director of Nursing & Clinical Governance Ratifying Body

Version: 2 (Version 1 issued January 2004) Type: Operational (Tick Appropriate Corporate Services box) Risk Management/Health & Safety Personnel Mental Health Act
Author: Deputy Director of Nursing & Clinical Governance Ratifying Body: Approving Body: Strategy and Operational Performance Committee Approval Date: March 2008 Issue Date: June 2008 Review Date: May 2009 skaityti daugiau..

The Legislative Requirements

© BDA November 2007 1
The Legislative Requirements
As healthcare waste producers, dentists have a duty of care to ensure all healthcare waste is managed and disposed of properly. This practical guidance is tailored to general dental practice and ensures that dental healthcare waste is managed in accordance with the current waste regulations. It expands on advice contained in the Department of Health’s publication Safe Management of Healthcare Waste (HTM 0701, 2006) and the Environment Agency’s technical guidance Interpretation of the definition and classification of hazardous waste (WM2). skaityti daugiau..